CFY Richard O. Jacobson Postsecondary Scholarship Program

The following online application must be completed to be considered for a CFY Richard O. Jacobson Postsecondary Scholarship by 11:59pm on January 15, 2023. The application consists of 8 sections, one essay, and an optional Income Eligibility form. The application must be completed at once in a timely manner in order to avoid the loss of any applicant data (i.e. the application may not be saved for later completion).

By checking the box below, the applicant confirms that they are a Pinellas County High School senior with an expected Spring 2023 graduation, or equivalent. Applicants agree to complete the form accurately and honestly, understanding that an incomplete or inaccurate submission may be excluded from evaluation by the CFY Scholarship Committee.

Decisions will be communicated via email in early February 2023. Any questions or requests for special accommodations may be submitted via email to